Coordinator: José Ignacio Giraldo Arango

Associate researchers: Gary Stiles, Andrea Monroy, Maggie MacPherson

In Colombia, we study Fork-tailed Flycatchers (T. savana) at two sites (Carimata farm, and the Wakoyo Sikuani Reservation), where the flycatchers roost nightly.

These two sites are found in the eastern grasslands, or “llanos” of the Department of Meta, in the Orinoco River basin.  The majority of these flycatcher are likely overwintering migrants from southern breeding grounds, since they are primarily found here from March to September (i.e., the austral winter).

Carimata (4º N, 73º W): This is a rice farm near the town of Puerto López, where several thousand Fork-tailed Flycatcher roost from April to August.

Wakoyo Sikuani Indigenous Reservation (4º N, 72º W): This site is located near the town of Puerto Gaitán. Roosts of Fork-tailed Flycatchers (called “boquialatos” in Sikuani) have been found here during the austral winter.


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