Coordinator: Ana María Mamani (Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff Mercado)

Associate researchers: Jesus Pinto Ledezma, Vanesa Bejarano, Vanessa Sandoval, Quillen Vidoz, Omar Barroso, Viviana Sandoval

In Bolivia, we study Fork-tailed Flycatchers (T. savana) and Tropical Kingbirds (T. melancholicus) at Parque Regional Lomas de Arena (Fig. 2). Fork-tailed Flycatchers breed here primarily from September to January. Tropical Kingbirds are present year-round. We also study Tropical Kingbirds and White-throated Kingbirds (T. albogularis) at Caparú Biological Station (Fig. 2). Here, White-throated Kingbirds bree from September to January, and Tropical Kingbirds are found throughout the year.

At all of these study sites, we search for and monitor nests to record egg and nestling survival and growth. We also catch and band adults and attach light-level geolocators to Fork-tailed Flycatchers and White-throated Kingbirds to study their migration. We also measure the micro-habitat around the nests, census birds, and collect data on food abundance for the birds.

Parque Regional Lomas de Arena (17° S, 63° W): Located just outside of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, this protected area covers an area of 13,326 hectares. It is primarily composed of grasslands, forest patches and sand dunes. Forests at the site are essential in the dune formation dynamics, and offer cover for wildlife. The habitat at the site is also composed of thorn scrub typical of the Chaco region. A total of 208 species of vascular plants have been documented at the site. The park is also home to at least 286 species of birds, which represent 21% of the species found in Bolivia, and is used by migratory birds that are passing through.

Caparú Biological Station (14° S, 61° W): This site is located in northern Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Habitats there are primarily seasonally inundated open grasslands, wooded grasslands (cerrado), humid forest, and dry forest. See the station’s website for more information.


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